Introduction : Electronic commerce and Internet
              Liberal and regulatory point of view (by Julien Letellier)

             What is Electronic Commerce, Anyway?
              -- Part I

             Informations :

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            What is Electronic Commerce, Anyway?
              -- Part II

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             Subject Matter: What is being sold through electronic
              commerce? Who owns information, and what do they own?
              The basics of intellectual property, and of other types of
              information transfer.

            Contract Law in the Electronic Environment I

              Informations :

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             Subject Matter: Electronic signatures and the statute of frauds.
              The concept of assent in the electronic environment. Licenses
              vs. sales. Draft UCC Article 2B

             Contract Law in the Electronic Environment II

             Information :

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             Subject Matter: Digital signatures and authentication under
              current and proposed legal rules. Certification authorities and
              "webs of trust;" legal liability for misappropriated signatures
              and certificates.

             Contract Law in the Electronic Environment III

              Informations :

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             Subject Matter: Continuing discussion of signatures and
              certification authorities. Warranties for nonfunctional
              software, collateral loss, and infringement. Electronic
              self-help for breach.

              Payment Systems

              Informations :

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             Subject Matter: Digital cash, encryption and anonymity. Credit
              card transactions, security, and risk of loss. Electronic funds
              transfers. Cyberbanking.

              Transfer of Ownership

             Informations :

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             Subject Matter: Assignment and licensing of intellectual
              property rights. Collateral, debt, and insolvency in
              transactions in information. Liability for default.

             Data Privacy and Electronic Commerce

             Informations :

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              Subject Matter: Privacy and consumer rights in electronic
              transactions, and in stored databases. The European directive
              on data protection.

             Commercial Solicitation Via the Internet


                  Cyberpromotions v. America Online, 948 F. Supp. 456
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             Subject Matter: "Spam" and the rules for unsolicited
              commercial contacts. Trademarks and Web advertising. FTC

              Public Law and Finance


                  Benjamin Wright & Jane Kaufman Winn, The Law of
                  Electronic Commerce ch. 11
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              Subject Matter: Securities issuance and trading via the
              Internet. Taxation of electronic commerce. FTC enforcement.
              The proper role of government in regulating electronic